3-tier PC procurement policy for Saint John’s Group

This policy stems from the effort to decentralise PC procurement decisions from both the office of the CIO and CEO. The aim is to empower the Deans of each faculty or Heads of department/school to decide on how best to spend their budget with regards to PC procurement. The 3-tier structure is designed to help faculties and departments in Saint John’s make procurement decisions and the plan their budget without the need for technical knowledge. Instead, they will concentrate on the needs of their staff and the tasks that are to be performed on the PC(s). The three tiers are:

Please click on the bullet points above for detail specification of each tier (this will take you to the Purchasing Department's Intranet section - please log in using your Saint John's email username and password).

Unless otherwise stated, the above tiers and pricing includes:

  • cost of correctly licensing each PC’s operating system
  • VAT
  • consideration for manageability (e.g. network-based hardware audit and remote support capability)
  • 3-year on-site warranty
  • acceptable Mean-Time-Before-Failure figure
The pricing range and the attributes of each tier will be reviewed on a quarterly basis


  • The decision to request procurement of equipment rests with the Faculty Deans/Heads of School – not the CIO
  • The Deans or Heads of School can decide what to request within the scope set by policy and their approved budget
  • Procurement outside the scope of the policy will be considered on a case-by-base basis by the Rector or a member of the Board of Saint John's for Education under consultation with the CIO
  • Central IT can advise on most appropriate setup outside the 3-tier structure
  • Purchase Orders will only be issued with the authorisation of the Rector of the university or a member of the Board of Saint John's for Education


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